Larry Cook Historian Newsletter

Dr. Larry Cook is launching a newsletter on Presidents’ Day. This monthly newsletter will include a short section about a timely topic, a memorabilia spotlight, information about his upcoming speaking engagements, and more. If you would like to subscribe to this newsletter, please fill out the form here. You can opt out at any point and we will never share or sell your personal information.

Please direct any questions to

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“Symbols of Patriotism” – Available Now!

Big news! I’m thrilled to share that my recently published book “Symbols of Patriotism: First Ladies and Daughters of the American Revolution” just arrived from my publisher, Vandamere Press. I look forward to signing copies and mailing them out to the hundreds of you who pre-ordered. Thanks for your support! #symbolsofpatriotism

You can view my Facebook page to see more pictures and updates. If you would like to order a copy, you can fill out the form here or we are currently running a sale. If you purchase my newest book, “Symbols of Patriotism” you get 50% off my first book, “Presidential Coincidences, Amazing Facts and Collectibles.” Click the link here to learn more.

If you have any questions, reach out at: Thanks for your support! We’ll be releasing more information about our Spring 2021 Book Tour dates soon.


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New Book “Symbols of Patriotism” Release Date

We are pleased to announce we have a release date for Symbols of Patriotism: First Ladies and Daughters of the American Revolution! They will be available the first week of November! If you haven’t purchased your copy yet, there is still time to pre-order your copy. Click this link for more information: We are offering signed copies, so you can note who you would like your copies made out to. #symbolsofpatriotism

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Connect with Dr. Cook on Social Media

If you haven’t already, connect with Dr. Larry Cook on social media! You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter where he regularly shares his presidential knowledge and memorabilia collection. Additionally, keep up to date with him as he travels and presents. Looking to book Dr. Cook as your next keynote speaker? Use the ‘Contact’ link on the website or email him at:

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